I am Mr. Tiffany,
but you can call me John.

As a passionate storyteller, I bring to life the stories of exceptional creators, driven visionaries, and gifted pioneers.  

About Mr. Tiffany


Early in his career, John Tiffany was mentored by the legendary publicist Eleanor Lambert (right, with Tiffany) 

his first book Eleanor Lambert: Still Here recounts the incredible journey of this extraordinary pioneer who was the first art and fashion publicist, who turned artists and fashion designers into household names and ultimately the legends who defined their times.

Tiffany’s second book, DAWN: The Career of the Legendary Fashion Retailer Dawn Mello, spans the impressive career of Dawn Mello's who turned the once dowdy Bergdorf Goodman into the world's ultimate luxury fashion destination. In the late 1980’s, Mello left to save Gucci. Her time in Italy is the modern case study for resuscitating a luxury brand.

Speaker, TV, & Films

Tiffany gives talks, keynotes, and lectures all over the world in front of audiences of all sizes.  He speaks at museums, corporations, clubs, organizations, universities, and libraries.

Tiffany was prominently featured in all four episodes of the CNN original documentary series: American Style.  Additionally, he has been featured in numerous films and documentaries including: Versailles 73: American Runway Revolution, and The Battle at Versailles as well as numerous TV shows and news programs.

Brand Consultant

Many have called John Tiffany a business therapist.

He is an issue-driven, problem solver who works to remove the roadblocks and align brand strategy with business strategy.  Tiffany works one-on-one with creative entrepreneurs, leaders, and visionaries passionate about the work they do, to position their luxury brands for growth and develop an original path for companies to achieve their ambitions.  This path almost always proves to be the next important chapter of a brand’s story.

What is the next chapter of your story?

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