Brand Consulting

What is the Next Chapter of Your Story?

As a storyteller, Tiffany is passionate about and fascinated by the story – uncovering it, identifying it, and sharing it with audiences. Not surprisingly, he is very skilled at working with people to help create the next chapter of their own story and the story of their brand.

With more than two decades of experience in strategic marketing, public relations, and sponsorship projects, his expertise is unparalleled with executive producer roles at iconic events around the world.  Along the way, he has met extraordinarily talented people, worked with an incredible brands, and helped guide them to even more success and achievement.

Many have called Tiffany a business therapist.  He has a reputation as an issue-driven, problem-solver who works to remove roadblocks and align brand strategy.  Tiffany works one-on-one with creative entrepreneurs, leaders, and visionaries passionate about the work they do. He gets to know the people and philosophy behind each brand to position it for growth and develops an original path for them to achieve their ambitions. This path almost always proves to be the next important chapter of a brand’s story.

Tiffany works to create new methods, platforms, and/or partnerships to communicate that message.  Tiffany thinks about how each piece fits together to strategically position the brand and is actively involved in the implementation of each piece along the way.

Specializing in:

Fashion, Product Design, Interiors, Landscape, Beauty, Architecture, Travel, Luxury, & Lifestyle.